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Support BC's hottest alt girls and help put gas in the BAMBULANCE so we can keep bringing you more! Grab your own pair of the HOTTEST booty shorts and pasties in town, snap some photos, send 'em to us and get on our site! The best of the best will be featured on this site, our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts as well as having a shot at coming to Vancouver for their own personal whambamilicious shoot!

Hand-pressed WHAM BAM booty shorts are printed on American Apparel product and starburst pasties are manufactured by Pastease. Shipping is FREE across Canada and the continental United States. For elsewhere, please contact us.
Select your flava! (Choose quantities on checkout page)

You may select higher quantities at checkout. Orders shipped each Friday, allow 2 weeks for delivery. For large quantities above 10 items please contact us with your request first, we'll put together a nice discount for ya!

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