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Emerald & Sabbath get WHAM-BAMMED!

Name & city...
Emerald and Sabbath, Vancouver

Tell us about your body mods!

Emerald: Belly Button Piercing, Septum Nose Ring, 1 Rib Tattoo - Old School Brass Knuckles, 2 wrist tattoo's - Saying Beautiful Struggle, 1 Hand tattoo - Black and White rose wrapping around my thumb... More will be added soon! once i get some that rent cheque money ;)

Sabbath: As far as body mods go I am in the works of saving for an elf ear operation where my real ears will be pointed permanently making me a swell little elf goddess i had my lip pierced when I was about 13, got my tattoos after I was 19. Just picky and what not. Leopard print is for the memory of my dog skye who passed, her paws are walking up my arm. I also have special symbols on my back that represent my life, and the zodiac of some of my most cherished family members.

Why did you wanna be a WHAM BAM BABE?

Emerald: Cause i'm open minded i love alternative women and i love to be apart of a team of bi or just great freee spirited females and I love being in-front of the camera.

Sabbath: Well I enjoy being able to be a part of a community that can appreciate me and embrace me for who I am as an alternative woman / metal head. It's important to me to feel good in my own skin and show people that it's possible to be shot without ridiculous body shaming boundaries. Embrace yourself!

Fave types of shoots?

Emerald: well I'd have to say I love posing with Harley's .. Harley's and women I love curves

Sabbath: I have yet to find my favourite "type" of shoot. But I definitely usually aim towards things on the more creative side... Maybe a little sexy too hah

Boys or girls (or both)?

Emerald: Both.

Sabbath: I like both men and women. But both for different reasons.

Music flavas?

Emerald: Rock,Country,Rap,Hip-hop, Underground Hip-hop, Electronic, House, RNB I'm a music slut! Comes from being a exotic dancer for 3 years!

Sabbath: Well, I generally dig the Metal genre in general. Classic metal, traditional metal, speed, thrash, doom, power metal... LOVES me the rockabilly and psychobilly music. I also love some good swing & surf, too.

Coke or Pepsi?

Emerald: I'm old school ... so I say coca cola all the way!

Sabbath: Coke.

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Photos by Justin Credible

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