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Come take it off for our 5 year!

Rent Cheque = Your favorite local party night specializing in the weirdest and nakedest 'Dear Diary' moments of your life. WHAM BAM BABES = BC's photoshop-free alt babe promo team. The meeting of the two will feature heavy amounts of: Boobs. Babes. Beers. (REPEAT)
Hallowe'en Havoc means come down and test out your costume and taking it off in interesting ways. Aside from prizes for performances we will also be giving out some sweet fucking door prizes for bloodiest and most creative costumes. The specifics of the party are here:

  • Get Naked - Win Cash 
  • Last Wednesday of every month At The Astoria!!!
  • Open Gender/Open Skill/Anything goes!!! 

RSVP for free cover with your peeling song to rentchequeintheass@gmail.com - you'll get free guest list and priority placing for your performance. Otherwise, it's just $5 which is a complete fucking steal considering you are guaranteed to get laid from partying with us.

Hostessed by the magnificently lippy Lex Gray Pornography and makeouts are courtesy of Abby Normal. DJ Davidsmind will be laying down the trax for a too hot dance party in between performers. Some call it a No Pants Dance Off, some call it a Tops Down Throw Down. Others like to think of it as a live nude performance art competition. We like them all, but prefer to call it COMPLETE FLESH MAYHEM, and guarantee it's just a hot fucking mess that you will wish you remembered in the morning.

Rent Cheque gives you the opportunity to take your clothes off for the fun of it and walk away with a huge chunk of change to make your landlord happy. 1st prize gets a chunk of ca$h, ca$h, $$$MONEY$$$ (up to $500 depending on how full we can get the bar) 2nd and 3rd also go home with a chunk of change.

We're sex positive, body positive, and life positive. There's ZERO ROOM for assholes or creeps at Rent Cheque. We aim to keep you slutty and sweaty and smiling. Rent Cheque is a BOO FREE ZONE (and sometimes a FREE BOOZE ZONE!). That means that if you are not in love with a certain performer, then just cheer louder and crazier for the one which has captured your heart. Either moan or cheer. No other sounds allowed pls. The end of the night winner is judged based on crowd response. SO IF YOU PLAN ON WINNING, BRING EVERYONE YOU'VE EVER SEDUCED TO SCREAM FOR YOU. Doors are 9. Pornography starts at 10.

We are now featuring FREE PIZZA from 10-11 from our sponsor HELL PIZZA Canada. Performers go on in increments throughout the night starting at 11:00pm, and ending at 12:34 on the dot. 3 finalists are picked, and then the winner is chosen by crowd applause. In between performers we get down and dirty with a topless dance party. We are TOTALLY SOOOO DOWN if you wanna ditch your shirts at the door. Our door girl is a babe so tip her if you can, but show her tits either way.

Costumes, props, creativity and excessive liquor consumption are highly encouraged. Rent Cheque is a `pro-free` zone. We are STRIPPING FOR THE COMMON AND EPICALLY SEXY FOLKS! That said, if you are an unstoppable peeler or other kind of bad-ass naked performer and wanna pimp your shit out at the end of our night once our voting is over- feel free to throw us a line at rentchequeintheass@gmail.com . We probably wanna totally oogle you! Every month we give away 10% of whatever our total prize money is to our favorite local charity WISH Drop-In Centre Society. Shout out to The Poster Guy who has been handling our posters for us while we have been lip syncing naked in the mirror.

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