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MorriganBaskerville wants to get WHAM-BAMMED!

Another BABE from our partners at The Twisted Agency

Name & city...
MorriganBaskerville, London, UK

Tell us about your body mods!
I got my nose with 2 piercings, 1 on my lip and one on my bellybutton (getting one in my nipples as well), stretched ears (8mm) and a tattoo in my forearm - a pocket watch with a pentagram ;) More coming.

Why do you wanna be a WHAM BAM BABE?
I got attitude and I want everyone to see that I am sexy and a BABE on the way I want! Also because I would love to go to Vancouver one day and party like a Wham BAM BABE!

What are your favourite modeling outfits/themes??
Metal, gothic, new age...mainly listen to everything that has quality.

Boys or girls (or both)?

Music flavas?
Rock 'n' roll.

Coke or Pepsi?
Coke...with vodka!

When you make it to Vancouver are you ready to hop in the Bambulance and get wham-bammed?
More than ready!

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