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Ashley gets WHAM-BAMMED!

Name & city...
Ashley Rose, Vancouver, BC

Any piercings/tattoos? Tell us about 'em!
20 Piercings: x15ears x1nose x1lebret x1tongue x1bellybutton &x1Mystery 1Tattoo: My heart on my back .

Why do you wanna be a WHAM BAM BABE?
Let's Be Sexy Positive. ;)

What are your favourite modeling outfits/themes?
I'm into the vintage, pinup glam style myself but I love corsets and pearls**)

Boys or girls (or both)?
I'm into boys but girls can be hot: and I'm not afraid to say it♡

Music flavas?
Electric, Rock, and anything catchy!

Coke or Pepsi?

How does it feel to be wham-bammed?
Alternatively Provocative ;)♡

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Photos by Justin Credible

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