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Amyrajuana gets WHAM-BAMMED!

Ed's note: We did so many awesome photos with this sexy gem that we'll be breaking it up into multiple posts over the next couple days.

Name & city...
Amyrajuana, Vernon, BC

Any piercings/tattoos? Tell us about 'em!
I have five piercings. My monroe, tongue, belly button, and both of my nipples. (They are my fave so far) I want at least ten more.. As for tattoos.. I have none :( yet..

Why did you wanna be a WHAM BAM BABE?
I like what it represents.. its about feeling sexy and confident in your own skin no matter what anyone else thinks.

What are your favourite modeling outfits/themes?
Oh goodness.. Anything that has a magical theme.. or cosplay..

Boys or girls (or both)?

Music flavas?
I have a really wide taste in music.. Deftones, Emiliy Autumn, Lanna Del Rey, Atmosphere.. i like a little bit of everything (:

Coke or Pepsi?
..hmm what kind of coke are we talking here?

How does it feel to be wham-bammed?
It feels fucking awesome!

Ready for more?

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Photos by Justin Credible

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