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Our van gets WHAM-BAMMED!

We're all about supporting local models and businesses, so it was only natural that we take up the talent of the boys and girls at Dip My Ride to give one of our vehicles an extreme makeover! It was time to make the van exterior match the interior, and let's face it, who the hell doesn't absolutely love purple???

Now, many of you may be asking "WTF is dipping your ride?". Well, put simply, it's the awesome new way to transform any vehicle, wheels, dashboard, etc, to any colour you can imagine. Dipping is the term for using PlastiDip rubber coating on an object instead of paint. It actually protects the original paint underneath and we can always remove it and change the colour easily. It's fast, affordable, and virtually no prep work is required and leaves a sexy matte finish that turns heads.

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Want more info on dipping your ride? Contact them on their website or Facebook page today! Wham! Bam! Thank you Dip My Ride crew!

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