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Dragula gets WHAM-BAMMED!

Name & city...
Dragula, Surrey, BC

Any piercings/tattoos? Tell us about 'em!
Septum, bridge, both ears at an inch, conch, rook.

What are your favourite modeling outfits/themes?
I love fetish, black shiny vinyl, platforms, anything SHINY, got to love spikes, I love my bullet belt.

Boys or girls (or both)?
Who knows!

Music flavas?
Heavy metal, crust, death metal.

Coke or Pepsi?
Pepsi. :)

What would you say to some who said WHAM BAM BABES was "degrading" to women?
I would say get a life. :)

How does it feel to be wham-bammed?
It feels awesomee :)

Ready for more?
Definitely!!! :)

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Photos by Justin Credible

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