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The Cats Meow gets WHAM-BAMMED!

Name & city...
Chelsea, Surrey

Any piercings/tattoos? Tell us about 'em!
Lots!!! Wanting to be almost fully tattooed. Quadruple nipple piercings, VCH, 7/8" and 6g lobes, double nostril, double medusa, anti-eyebrow, tons of cartilage.

Why do you want to be a WHAM BAM BABE?
Because I like how Wham Bam Babes are fun and edgy. I like how they're real.. Also I just wanted some awesome photos!

What are your favourite modeling outfits/themes?
I like fetish, Lolita, cutesy/innocent, outdoors.

Boys or girls (or both)?

Music flavas?
Metal, dubstep, pop.. Pretty much everything and anything!

Coke or Pepsi?
Vanilla Coke.

What would you say to some who said WHAM BAM BABES was "degrading" to women?
All these women love their bodies and sign up for this. There's nothing degrading about being proud of your body and wanting to show it off. Also it's a great stepping stone into the modeling industry.

How does it feel to be wham-bammed?
It feels WHAM good!

Ready for more?

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Photos by credmau5

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