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Summer 2013 has officially arrived, and we are hard at work converting and customizing a new improved BAMBULANCE to kick off the next round of kickass van-rockin' photoshoots!

If you're a Vancouver area babe (or will be passing through our neck of the woods) and you have body modifications of any kind, or just have a fuck-the-mainstream-modeling-world attitude, we want to hear from you. Contact us if you're the kind of girl who likes getting in the back of vans and showing off your stuff, yeah that's right, cuz there's only one way to get WHAM-BAMMED and it ain't in some generic high end studio with fancy lighting and fashion snobs telling you what they think looks good. Hell no!

Shoots begin on Friday July 5th and we'll be booking them on a weekly basis. Modified is the new mainstream so be loud and be proud!!

Vancouver babes email us and don't forget submissions are open to babes outside the Vancouver area as well.


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