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Hellooooo Jodiiiieee

Name & city...
Jodiiiieee, Middletown

How did you get started modeling?
Loved always seeing alternative models, and that's the exact style that i am. I love being in front of the camera and creating art!

What are your favorite modeling outfits/themes?
Video Gamer Nerd Pin ups Punk Scene.

Any piercings/tattoos?
I have snakebites, 00 gauges, belly button piercing, dermal hip piercings, and that's it for now. Tattoos I have 12 tattoos. -heart on my inner right wrist -Chinese symbol, fate, right collar bone -Doves of my lower back -Nor-Cal stars on my hips -Infinite love symbol inner left wrist -"Strength" upper left wrist -Pink bow tie on left forearm -Cheshire cat upper inner forearm -Vine wrapping around my left elbow up my arm -Sugar skull on my upper left shoulder MANY MORE TO COME ;)

Why did you want to become a WHAM BAM BABE?
You are all a hot bunch of girls ;) but in all seriousness, your site looks quite amazing, and i do want to model more and more! This crowd is exactly where i want to be :)

Guys, girls, or both?
Boys mostly ;)

Music flavas?
A lot of dubstep. Skrillex, Dead Mau 5, Nero, etc. The works :)

Coke or Pepsi?

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