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Cookie le Monsta, nom nom nom

Name & city...
Cookie le Monsta, Hickory, NC

What are your favorite modeling outfits/themes?
I really dig anything retro styled from the 50s-70s, I love doing horror shots, and crazy controversial type of photos! I love dressing in cosplay and anything sexy and bloody is awesome too!!

Any piercings/tattoos?
currently I have my ears, tongue, and bellybutton pierced. I have 7 tattoos; first is a stick figure drawing Marilyn Monroe drew of herself on my right upper back, I have a skull with a girlie bow on the back of my neck, I have a large phoenix rising out of flames with 'comfortably numb' on center of back, I have a lion on my right shoulder (I am a leo), I have the words 'my heart beats in kadence' on the inside of my left upper arm, I have the words 'super nova' with stars on my left side of stomach going down, and I have the Chinese symbol for wild on my lower left stomach/bikini area. More to come soon!!!

Guys, girls, or both?
Both I'm bisexual ;)

Music flavas?
I love old hippie music like the beatles and bob Dylan and pink Floyd as well as punk music like the dead milkmen, the misfits and the dead kennedys ect.

Coke or Pepsi?
Coke in a can all day long!!!

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Photos 1 & 4 by Michael Pressley, 3 & 6 by Kent Boggs (Boggs Photography), 2, 5 & 7 by Mark Bowers (Empty B Studios)

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