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2013 will be wham-bamazing!

2013 is not going to be just about showing off Vancouver's raddest most confident babes, alt styles and personalities. It's gonna be chock-full of wham bam beats, parties, and a new level of general awesomeness. A new vehicle, new camera, and networking with some of the city's best promoters for piercing parties and club events.

We're even gonna start selling our uber-popular wham bam swag that so many of you keep asking for, so get ready to order your kickass tube dress or booty shorts soon and get your own camera out at home or wherever you are. Got new tattoos? Love piercings? Body art of any style that you LOVE and want the world to see? Then you'll be glad to know we'll be taking submissions and showcasing you on our website if you've got the wham-battitude we love! STAY TUNED!

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