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SHAM BAM 2012 is almost here!

Yes kiddies, we are going back home, as we promised last year. After pumping $4,000 into our vehicle to prepare for another epic roadtrip of a lifetime, we're now in the process of rebranding it back to the SHAM-BAMBULANCE and getting all our SHAM BAM swag prepared for another incredible adventure at BC's very own Shambhala Music Festival, voted the best large festival on the planet!

Are you gonna be there? If so, better hit us up and get your pic taken with the awesome SHAM BAM BABES! It won't exactly be hard to find us at Camp Sham Bam, just look for the 'bambulance in all its glory. And look for the smokin' babes rockin' the Sham Bam tube dresses and booty shorts! Maybe you'll walk away with some of that said swag...or maybe you'll get SHAM-BAMMED on-location!

If you're a babe and attending, and you want to join the awesomeness that is Sham Bam and Wham Bam, contact us asap!

Can you feel the Shambhalove already? We can. And it's fucking glorious. SEE YOU THERE! <3

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