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Get to know Jade

Name, age, city...
Sephora Jade, 28 years old. Born in Montreal

What are your fave outfits/themes?
I just like having fun with different looks and costumes and you gave me the opportunity to play!

Why did you want to become a WHAM BAM BABE?
I wanted to join your whambam crew cause you're awesome.

Piercings & tattoos?
I have one tattoo on my back. It's the auryn from the never ending story. I got that because it is my all time favorite movie and it was filmed in vancouver and as a vancouver actor myself- it just makes sense. To me the AURYN is a symbol of never ending power.

Fave music?
My favorite music to date is 80's Dance, Trance and Electro House. Throw some old school hip hop in the mix and i'm a happy girl!

Fave colour? 
My favorite color is RED.

Coke or Pepsi?
Coke all the way! Pepsi's gross.

If you could do any style of shoot in the world, what would it be and what would you wear?
If I could go anywhere in the world to do a shoot.... I would pick somewhere hot. OOOOOooohhh Thailand maybe. I would love to shoot with tigers in a jungle.

Ready to get wham-bammed?
Whambam me now please!

Click here for tons more photos of Jade and check out her video for GLOW!

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