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Get to know Neetu

Name, age, city...
Neetu (Golden Goddess) Brauer, 20, Victoria BC

How did you get started modeling?
I started modelling in highschool, I used to be the odd one out all the time never had any friends so i found something I could do on my own and modelling was perfect! It started out as a hobby but quickly turned into something much more! soon I descovered that hey im good at this and I'm being recognized so lets take this to the next level, ever since then I have been challenging myself and pushing myself to do whatever it takes to come out on top. My confidence now is higher than ever before in my life, I do what I want I stand up for what I believe in without worrying about what anyone cares.

What excites you about it?
Everything about modelling excites me! The camera-model connection, the vibe, the uncertainty of the outcome, its all such a fun experience!

What are your fave outfits/themes?
Hmm, I have done so many shoots its hard to put a finger on just one! I only shoot in what I love and fashion in every way is so interesting to me, from runway to sidewalk everything is beautiful, but if i had to pick one it would have to be lingerie, the feel and look of it is just so sexy and classy.

Why did you become a WHAM BAM BABE?
I LOVE having fun, music and dancing are a huge part of my life and the thats a lot of what the Wham Bam Babes do, they help you get comfortable and feel the vibe, they're entertainers/ promoters but remixed, taken to the next level and thats what i love about it, its so different yet so rad!! I love having fun and feeling the music and letting it take me away. That's why :)

Piercings & tattoos?
I have 5 peircings and 5 tattoos and counting :)

Any plans for new body art in the future?
Of course!!

Fave colour? 
Hot pink.. or any shade of pink hehe I'm a complete girly girl

Coke or Pepsi?
Coke. Tastes waaay better

Ready to get wham-bammed?
Already have ;) and always willing to be again!

Photos by Evan Boyd and Illusion Photography

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