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Get to know Celina

Name, age, city...
Celina Seritonic, 22, East Vancouver

How did you get started modeling?
I started getting requests for shoots off the street, and it gradually got more busy with shoots for me as I met more people in the downtown core.

What excites you about it?
I love modeling because I think its important to realize that not model's have to be 5'7, have long luscious natural hair, or look like "the girl next door" kind of model. I also like to think that the more alternative models there are, the less conservative people will discriminate against the alternative genres.

What are your fave outfits/themes?
My favorite theme would have to be rave-style. I love the colors and the freedom to dress up for a night.

Why did you become a WHAM BAM BABE?
I like WHAM BAM BABES because they focus on more edgy photoshoots, and the shoots are FUN!

Piercings & tattoos?
I have twelve piercings, all of them are above my upper chest, and three tattoo's.

Any plans for new body art in the future?
Im kind of a spur of the moment kind of girl, so I just make plans as I go along, but when I turn 25, I want to get very detailed fairy wings on my back.

Fave colour? 

Coke or Pepsi?

Ready to get wham-bammed?

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