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Get to know Lindsay

Interview by Beth Allen, editor at Rockinvan.com

Name, age, where do you live?
Lindsay Michelle Bartsch, 22, Wherever I am at the time.

What made you want to become a Wham Bam Babe?
Never wanted to be..... just was. lol.

What do you get out of being a Wham Bam Babe -- Fame, Fortune...??
Come on, who doesn't want an excuse to feel like a super model? Even though I'm not, it's still awesome to feel like one sometimes. There's nothing wrong with the human body. If i wanna show mine off PG 13 style, That's my call. Everyone that's involved in this program is good shit. Nothin' wrong with having innocent fun with good-shit people ^_^

Do you think being a Wham Bam Babe empowers women?
I think being a Wham Bam Babe empowers FUN girls. There is beauty in everyone. Wham Bam makes real girls feel like the rock stars and super models we are inside.

What would you say to someone who thought being a Wham Bam Babe was degrading to women?
I don't usually pay attention to fuckwads that have problems with the shit I do. I put myself out there because I want to. If you don't want to, don't. No one is in any position to judge us. And no one here is degrading to women. The guy at the very top (Justin) has been nothing but respectful, and we are far from degrading to women. Get out there! Have the fun you want (as long as it's safe:P) and screw everyone on their high horse that thinks they're better than us. ;)

Any crazy stories about your Wham Bam Babe photoshoot?
Lindsay: I think the craziest I ever got was spending 2 hours tracking down contraband liquor at Shambhala 2009 with Jory and dancing on the roof of the 'Bambulance. haha. Oh man, there was one photoshoot where baby oil was involved. haha. wicked good times. (Jory and Cass know all about that one ;))

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