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Welcome to the new website! I hope you all enjoy. Please send your comments and feedback to Justin. But wait, there's more. On top of this wham-bam-spankin' new website, we've also launched our Twitter account. Follow us by clicking on Tweetie bird and tweet us to all your friends! Please be patient as this site is being built. As well as the website, the WHAMBAMBULANCE has also just recieved a makeover with new stripes, custom decals, and some serious love.

Keep an eye or two open for the gorgeous Wham Bam Babes during a rockin' night in Chilliwack! Details to come soon.

Also, look for the famous WhamBambulance at the upcoming Shambhala Music Festival 2009!

In other news, we're excited to announce an upcoming partnership with Vancouver's VIParties, Descent Sundays at The Red room, and our good friends at Clubvibes.com.

Stay tuned for developments and upcoming promotions!

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