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WELCOME to WhamBamBabes.com! This is the new web home for Vancouver's unique WhamBambulance and the extremely beautiful Wham Bam babes!

This project will serve three purposes:

1) This van gets attention! People love it, people talk about it, people constantly want their photos with it. After a few hundred random people (mostly beautiful girls) started taking their photos with the vehicle everywhere we went, we decided to do something bigger and better! We're helping new and aspiring local models get the exposure they deserve. And we're providing a spot on the web for all the great photos of Wham Bam fans taken with the vehicle around town and on the road, and we'll be keeping an eye out for up-and-coming Vancouver models and promoting them here! With the unique combination of our name, the absurdly awesome vehicle and this website, we're getting a lot of exposure. That can be nothing short of phenomenal for our top-notch models looking to break into the scene.

If you're an interested model or know someone who is, read this and contact us so we can help publicize photos or arrange a Wham Bam shoot.

2) We're a group of fun and outgoing promotional experts ready to take on your next company marketing campaign, nightclub event, flyer distribution effort, or pretty much anything you'd like us to represent for you! Dare to be different. WhamBam Your Brand!

3) Every day people ask about "renting" the Whambambulance for private functions, stags, birthdays, etc. While we are not currently in the "limo" business, the vehicle can be made available for photoshoots and very small groups for private functions. Interested in booking the Whambambulance to appear for a private party or event? Please email Justin with your request! (Link below)


First off, we are doing some preliminary photoshoots to get our name out there (as if the vehicle didn't already attract enough attention!).

We are looking for potential partners for this project which may include corporate sponsorship, nightlife industry partnerships, product awareness efforts and/or co-branding with existing marketing companies.

We are going to be different, very very different! From nightclub events to beach flyer campaigns, we're going to be classy and professional as well as extreme and edgy, depending on event.

The first big hurdle has been to get the vehicle fully branded with our logo, website, and life-size graphics of some of our models. This is currently underway and halfway completed. To see the new look of the vehicle, click here.

Our second step will be to organize publicity gigs and party hosting, and we are currently in talks with several similar-minded local promo companies who have embraced our idea.

Any other businesses who would like to combine forces or become a sponsor will also have the opportunity to have their brand integrated into the final painting and vinyl graphics applied to the vehicle. Remember, this is a twenty-foot long rolling billboard driven daily all throughout Vancouver!

We're totally open to new possibilities and new adventures and would love to discuss your next event or ways we can help each other.

Please contact Justin or Cassandra with your ideas and requests.

Email Cassandra
Email Justin

Thanks for reading, and keep your eye out for the WhamBamBulance!

Justin Credible
The WhamBamBro

Our current photographers.

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