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Wanna be featured on this site, our blog, and our Facebook page but have more questions? Are you loud, proud, and love to show off your alternative style? Here's the answers you want:

Do I have to live in Vancouver to appear on your site?
No, photo submissions are open to anyone in the world. Click here to get started.

Do I have to be covered in tattoos or piercings to be accepted?
Absolutely not! Being alternative does not mean you need tattoos and piercings and it never has. Alternative is a state of mind, it means not conforming to mainstream ideals of beauty, to do what you want, including outfits, themes, and showing confidence no matter what.

If we were silly enough to deny someone just because they didn't have tattoos or piercings, then we would be just as guilty as those who judge people for having tattoos! We are open to ALL alternative styles and are completely non-judgmental.

I wanna be WHAM-BAMMED! How do I get an official photoshoot?
At the moment this is only available to our models in the Greater Vancouver area. If your submission has been accepted and you live in the GVA or you'll be in our neck of the woods, let us know ahead of time and we just might choose you for a shoot! As a unique team of awesomesaucers, our local girls also do various parties and events around BC including occasional sponsorships and promotions!

We want to showcase REAL and awesome girls of all different types and styles. Edgy and alternative is good. Tattoos = awesome. Piercings = rad. But never required. Anything goes, show us your real YOU. We only publish PG-13 images online, but we do push the edge factor and are not always work safe or politically correct, which is just fine with us. 

If you are not in the Vancouver area and are submitting photos for publication, you are giving WHAM BAM PROMOTIONS the right to watermark and use your images for our website at www.whambambabes.com and all our social media outlets and promotional partners (photographer credits will be included). You will also be required to answer a few more questions for our website. Accepted submissions will usually be posted on-site within 48 hours. Good luck, and thank you ma'ams!


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